QuenchedbyFE is a natural skin care and beauty business committed to changing the way you approach skincare by providing quality natural and organic ingredients. All products are formulated with natural oils, herbs, and butters. Fragrances are obtained with high quality essential oils. Our products are designed for any consumer that desires a natural toxin free product produced in small batches.

I believe that how we treat our skin is a representation of self love and we all deserve to indulge in self care rituals.



Whatever it is that put into those bottles is pure love. I'm ordering more for sure!!

Yo! That oil smells sooooo BOMB! The glitter is not overwhelming and makes moisturizing out the shower easy. I'm so proud of you.

I am so in love with the products, especially the oil. Thank you so much.

Can I tell you that your natural body butter and triple dody butter has given my skin life! No more cracked lines. Absorbs nice and is actually whipped! My skin is really quenched. I thought I heard it say "Ahhh" the first time I put it on. I wanted to wait a few weeks to make sure the  results were real and they are! You should be very proud of your products!

Gurrrl I've been using my oil alll day and erry day twice a day and it is bommmb. I love the smell!

Well the Lavender and Lemon body butter smells so good and is a much better moisturizer than Jergens.

I just want to say I just put this butter on and my hands are soft as a baby's butt. I love it.

I just want you to know that this scrub is fiiiyyaaahhhh. Had me feeling all extra silky smooth. Hawaiian silky for the skin okay!! You did that sis!!

Bruh this Lavender and Lemon got me smelling so good and I just want to walk around and tell people to sniff me!! I love the exfoliate...thank you soo much. My next purchase will be the oil!!! Thank you!!!!! I don't think I've been this moisturized in my life.